Our Wedding

In addition to being new homeowners, we’re also newlyweds. We took a time out from home improvement and DIY projects to tie the knot on September 30, 2011 at the Smithville Inn, located in Southern New Jersey. Take a look at some of our awesome wedding photos, courtesy of RHM Photography.

Planning a wedding? Your big day doesn’t have to break the bank! Enjoy these photos and see how we saved a few bucks by doing some simple wedding DIY!

Our fall-inspired bridesmaid bouquets and all of the flowers for our wedding were purchased from a local florist and friend of the family.

Wedding flowers

The Historic Towne of Smithville makes for some great photo ops!

Wedding partyThe guys rented their tuxedos from a local shop…with 4 rentals for groomsmen, the groom’s tux was free!

Wedding party

The girls had their hair and makeup done at a local salon as opposed to hiring onsite hair stylists and makeup artists (which can be very pricey)!

Wedding party

Megan’s earrings were purchased on Etsy from Divine Jewel for $27.00. The girls are wearing custom-made necklaces Megan gave them as a gift, also purchased on Etsy from madebysam.

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all took place right at the Smithville Inn. One-stop shopping (and easier on our guests)!

The Smithville Inn

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyThe Smithville Inn provided the hurricane and candle centerpiece, along with the votive holders. All we had to do was pick flower rings and purchase a big pack of tealights (got 100+ tealights for under $5.00). We printed our own table number cards. This card stock in particular was purchased on clearance at Michael’s. We got 12 oval-shaped table number cards for $2.00.

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Our favors took a bit of work to put together, but this was one of our biggest $avings! We purchased 2 packages of these customizable pillow boxes from Michael’s about 6 months prior to our wedding day. When we returned to Michael’s about 1 month before the wedding for just 1 more package of favor boxes, this particular style had been marked down to 2 cents, so the cashier gave them to us for FREE! We filled the boxes with some custom M&Ms, but to cut costs, we used solid cream, white and brown-colored M&Ms as filler.

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyChampagne flutes were not provided by the Inn, but ours were given to us as a gift. We purchased the L-O-V-E letters from Michael’s for under $5.00. Now they’re hanging on our photo wall :-)

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyInstead of wearing dress shoes, the guys wore TOMS Shoes. Andrew gave the shoes to his groomsmen as a gift and for every pair purchased, a pair was donated to a child in need.

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyMegan found a little frame to carry a photo of her mom on her bouquet. The bouquet was wrapped in a white hanky, given as part of an Irish blessing gift.

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyWe printed our own place cards, also purchased from Michael’s.

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyOur cake topper was custom made and purchased from Ready Go on Etsy for $15.00. Our cake was part of our wedding package with the Smithville Inn. All we had to do was pick the flavors and provide the colored ribbon for each tier!

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM Photography

Megan + Andrew 9-30-2011 by RHM PhotographyLooking for more wedding DIY ideas? Need some inspiration for your next home improvement project? Connect with Megan on Pinterest! Browse other pinners’ pins or start pinning yourself!

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  1. Great photos. I love your thoughtfulness regarding expenditures. Everything was lovely both at the wedding and reception.

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