Carpets: Neither Car nor Pets

We can both confirm, there’s nothing more satisfying than knocking down a wall, or breaking up an old piece of wood, or ripping up some old carpet. We don’t regularly do all of those things, but I did spend a day ripping up the carpet in our upstairs bedrooms. Oh, and I also ripped it off of all of our stairs. And I didn’t even fall on a nail or step on a single staple! Pretty impressive, I’d say.

I used a Kobalt 28-piece multi blade utility knife to cut and remove the bulk of the carpet. The straight blade was good for the big pieces and the blade with the hook was good for the stapled in bits on the stairs.

Kobalt Utility Knife SetThe carpets weren’t in terrible shape when we moved in, but the previous owners had pets and we were worried about what might be hiding underneath. Luckily after they were all up, the floor underneath was in good shape and relatively stain free. We didn’t have the same good fortune that we did last time I ripped up carpet, but a clean sub floor is fine with me.

Ripping up carpets

Check out some before and after shots of the freshly carpeted upstairs and our freshly painted stairwell and landing (and ceiling). That’s Hotel St Francis Clay Angel, the same color we used in our living room.

Stairs New Carpet Before After

Upstairs Before No Carpet Upstairs New CarpetRipped up CarpetNew Carpet on Stairs


Guess Who’s Back?

…and we’re back!Fresh Nest Blog is Back

 Welcome back, readers, whoever you are, wherever you are. We’ve been laying low for awhile and the blog has been inactive. We sold our house a few months ago, and have been living with my (Andrew) parents since then. We’ve also found a new house, and are waiting to close. There will be some work to do, but (hopefully) not nearly as much as last time.

We will be posting about all of the work and projects so check back real soon!

Fresh on the Market

We’ve got some news. Some of our close family and friends already know, but the house is on the market and we’ll be moving on to a new fresh-er nest. After 2 years and 7 months, we’re moving on to the next step in our home and life journeys.

Packing Dining Room

Yes, that’s all of our stuff in boxes. I suppose you don’t really realize how much “stuff” you have until it is boxed and stacked in one room of your house. We did something like this before, when we refinished the floors, but that was just a few rooms stuffed into the kitchen.

Packing in Basement

We’ve put a lot into this house, and we’ll be doing a recap/wrap up post soon. Look out for that, and wish us luck in packing EVERYTHING. Also, stay tuned for updates about the hunt for our new place!